Welcome to Japan!

Our first time in Japan! We booked a tour with J&L Travel Agency because none of us can speak any amount of Japanese to survive and the parents wanted to try out a tour first. The lady that helped us there was very thorough when explaining what all the charges were for and what we… More Welcome to Japan!

Flowers and Alleyways

The weather is getting nice so the biking is going to start up again! Last weekend, Ainhi and I decided to explore Northern Liberty’s – mostly looking down alleyways for interesting houses, trees or doors. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you if you asked me what streets we were on. When we got… More Flowers and Alleyways

Reading Viaduct

Another graffiti exploration! With some help from Google and social media we were quickly able to find the location and the safest entrance with parking and gates nicely cut and folded for you. We mean no harm! I just want to take pictures and see some of these amazing art work! The first building that… More Reading Viaduct